Hydraulic Applied Mulches

100% Wood Fiber

100% Wood Fiber manufactured from thermo- mechanically processed virgin wood chips. Excellent surface coverage and erosion control for slopes up to 2:1.

50lb Bale

Wood Fiber SPEC Sheet

100% Wood Fiber with Tack

Same great hydraulic mulch as Enviro-Gold Wood Fiber, pre-blended with an organic tackifier for a smoother application and enhanced soil contact, resulting in increased erosion control and improved seed germination.

Wood Fiber Plus Tack SPEC Sheet

Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)

Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) a term categorized within the erosion control industry and is used as an alternative to erosion control blankets. BFM is a bonded fiber matrix and has a continuous layer of elongated fiber strands held together by water-resistant bonding agents. It eliminates direct rain drop impact on soil (it has no holes greater than one millimeter in size,) it allows no gaps between the product and the soil and it has a high water-holding capacity. A bonded fiber matrix will not form a water-insensitive crust that can inhibit plant growth, and it will biodegrade completely into materials known beneficial to plant growth.

Hydraulically applied, soil guards conform to the contours of the ground and dries to form a bonded fiber matrix. Once dry, the matrix can be hydrated repeatedly and will hold soil and seed without washing away. As vegetation takes hold, soil guard slowly decomposes to enrich the soil.

50lb Bales

Flexible Growth Medium (FGM)

Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) is engineered with pasteurized wood fibers, dispersible synthetic fibers and exclusive soil-bonding agents for immediate and effective erosion protection. The nontoxic formula maintains fiber loft for impact resistance, air circulation and moisture retention that promotes seed germination and plant growth.

50lb Bales
Flexterra SPEC Sheet 

Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM)

Through a scientifically balanced combination of specially processed straw, flexible flax fibers, infused with Sphagnum peat moss, mycorrhizae, Triacontonal growth stimulant, soil conditioners, and micronutrients you get the best possible soil conditioners in the Biotic Earth BlackTM. When used with the EarthBound 2000 or Scientific in areas where the soil lacks organics or has poor tilth, Biotic Earth BlackTM and the EarthBound® Soil Builders improves moisture holding capacity, water infiltration, soil structure, soil microbial activity, optimizes seed germination, improved plant photosynthesis and cell growth, effectively kick starting and long-term maintenance of the vegetation. All these benefits, and rainfall and runoff resistant.

Biotic HGM Spec Sheet


Tackifiers are specially engineered to create a bond in the hydraulic growth medium. Without them, all the time spent creating the biotic-rich growth medium might go to waste as storm events could wash the growth medium away before vegetation establishes itself. Tackifiers strengthen the hydraulic growth medium, providing the time needed for vegetation to flourish and real long-term erosion control to be created.