Forage Mixes

Preferred Pasture Mix

Preferred Pasture is a multi-purpose forage blend. This mixture uses cool season forage grasses that produces maximum yields during the spring and fall, and is ideal for grazing or hay production.

Uses: Livestock forage coverage, hay production.
Seeding rate: Drilled 15-20lbs/Acre Broadcast 20-25lbs/Acre

Deer Food Plot

The combination in this mix produces high-quality, low-maintenance, highly productive food plots. It is a combination of annuals and perennials that range in height from one to two feet. It is designed to provide good nutrition while enhancing antler growth, body size and promoting overall animal health.

Seeding Dates: March 1st- May 15th & August 1st – September 15th

Brome & Orchard Mix

These two cool season grasses are used for pastures because of its high yield. This mix will also provide an excellent wildlife habitat along with erosion control.

Uses: Hay production, pasture or silage, erosion control, wildlife habitat.
Seeding rate: Drilled 15-20lbs/Acre Broadcast 20-25lbs/Acre