Specialty Grass Mixtures


All-Purpose Contractor Mix

All-Purpose Contractor Mix Tech Bulletin

This popular mixture is great for rural areas and provides excellent ground cover plus erosion control. The qualities of bromegrass blends great with tall fescue and perennial ryegrass. Oats are added to this mix as a nurse crop during establishment and adds early protections against erosion.

Uses: Roadsides, lagoons, dams, pastures, waterways and terraces, outlets, construction sites.
Seeding rate: Drilled-100lbs/Acre Broadcast-150lbs/Acre

Waterway Mix

Waterway Mix Tech Bulletin

This mixture of deeply rooted grasses is designed to prevent soil erosion while draining runoff water from adjacent cropland. These grasses can tolerate the heavy flow of water and recover well once moving water is no longer in place.

Uses: Waterways, areas prone to significant erosion.

Floodplain Mix

Floodplain Mix Tech Bulletin

This combination of deep rooted grasses is used for re-establishment of damaged floodplain. The grasses in this mixture and their tolerance to inundation (standing water) vary. Temperature, soil type, water depth and age of stand all influence the grasses’ tolerance for inundation. Plants are more tolerant to flooding during early spring and hot summer months.

Uses: Fluctuating shorelines, on dams, lowland pasture.

NDOR Roadside Mix

This mix includes warm and cool-season grasses that will withstand some of the toughest growing conditions. Oats and perennial rye will provide ground cover and erosion control very quickly, while the rest of the mix germinates. Once established this mixture is very deeply rooted and hardy.

Uses: Roadsides, ditches, any location low maintenance grass is desired.

Wetland Prairie Mixture

Wetland Prairie Mixture Tech Bulletin

Miller’s Wetland Prairie Mixture contains a wide variety of native grass and wildflower seeds that are compatible with most Wetland re-establishment sites such as changing shorelines of detention basins, lagoons, lakes, ponds and streams. It is a suitable seed mix for ecologically sensitive Restorations that require stabilization, sediment filtration as well as long-term establishment of native vegetation.

Seeding Rate: 1lb/1,000 sq. ft. 16lbs/Acre