Wildflower Mix

Knee-High Wildflower Mix

Knee High Wildflowers Tech Bulletin

This popular flower mixture is composed of annuals and perennials that are generally two foot tall at maturity. It is especially suitable for residential or commercial landscaping. This mix will adapt to the region it’s planted in.

Seeding rate: 5-7oz/1,000 sq. ft.    8-16lbs/Acre

Midwest Wildflower Mix

Midwest Wildflowers Tech Bulletin

This annual and perennial mix is for ornamental landscaping in the Midwestern U.S. and South Central Canada. These flowers will provide color throughout the growing season. This mixture contains native species as well as non-native species that are adaptable to the region.

Seeding rate: 4-6oz/1,000 sq. ft.    5-10lbs/Acre

Native Pollinator Mix

Pollinator Mix Tech Bulletin

Miller’s Native Pollinator Mix provides a wide selection of vibrant annual and perennial native wildflowers. The mixture includes early, mid and late blooming flowers which provide nectar and pollen to a wide assortment of pollinators. It is well suited for roadsides, commercial landscaping, parks, golf courses, prairie meadows, and natural habitat land. Miller’s Native Mix #1 and/or Miller’s Native Mix #2.

Seeding rate4-6oz/1,000 sq. ft.    8-12lbs/Acre